June 18, 2010

3rd Year Exhibition

Showing 17th June - 3rd July

Location: University of Bedfordshire, Park Square, LU1 3JU
Room: A423b

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June 14, 2010

Development Land

Out with the old, in with the new

We encounter many objects of which once had diverse purposes for their existence on a daily basis. Sometimes we are faced with situations placed upon us to decide whether to maintain that history for future generations, or to make use of the opening to build something new. The purpose of this ‘something new’ is to replace what was once there, but it can also be to build upon the heritage that already exists.

Laying our Tracks

Finding our way

Our reliance on the availability of travel networks has become that of expectations and assumptions. We have become heavily accustomed to the belief that there will always be a track available for our need of reaching our destination in the shortest possible distance, this continuous requirement results in us taking shortcuts or expanding the availability of these travel networks to save time in the future.

Universal Connection

A direct line of contact

Communication methods have become one of the most important factors for us to be able to achieve our goals of today. Our need to be connected to others in diverse areas has become increasingly valuable to society. Due to this we can question that humans are losing touch with the real world and face to face human interaction is displacing itself from society.

Thinking things through

Waiting for things to happen

We live by time and we plan our lives through the continuous unlimited flow of time. With an extensive volume of knowledge and new skills to be learnt there is no justification to why the use of our free time can’t be constructive, allowing time to pass is something that cannot be retrieved.

Multiple Homes

Accessibility and ease of mobility

Advancements in the availability of many different transport creations has allowed us the access to a much larger and dynamic range of methods to get to where we need to go. The ease of availability has become a huge influence towards our ability to exist in many different societies in which we call home.

Rise of Expertise

Research and development for wider knowledge

Rapidly growing research and evolutions in development of using our resources effectively has lead to wider and greater availability of knowledge, each development is a documentation of our ability to advance. These continuous advancements help us to develop communities to the next stage.