September 27, 2009

Old drawers tag

Found on an old set of drawers, possibly an old auction tag? or a label on the drawers put on there by the creator, no idea what history it has.

Vintage Esquire Covers 1955-1972

I tend to find vintage design much more interesting than some of the modern design around nowadays. Whether it's the colours used or the actual images that are appealing I'm not sure.

Alot more covers from the past and present at

September 25, 2009

Design Chat

After watching James White on the Signalnoise broadcast his website lead me to what seems to be a great source of design related chats at

Worth watching to get into the mind of designers.

James White - Signalnoise Broadcast

''don't ever think you need a client to do something''
-James White

I've always followed James White on and he has just finished a live broadcast on where he has been answering live questions from viewers.

He gives his opinions to many different design related questions from viewers watching the broadcast, most of which is very much related to what I want to gain in experience.

Some interesting points picked up while watching:

Pricing and time, client satisfaction & working with others.

Inspiration - Although he lives in quite a small area and workplace this does not limit his ability find inspiration, power of the internet, loves retro, things that were awesome when he was a kid, in the morning a cup of coffee and flickr, inspiration is everywhere.

Advice to designers who want to break into the industry - consider the type of work, type of clients, don't limit yourself 9-5, normal priorities after education is generally #1 job in design agency #2 freelance, do your own stuff, don't stop, don't ever think you need a client to do something, you be your own boss/specification, grow portfolio + your only going to get better at what you do

You can't count on a client to teach you new things, unique touch doing your own stuff, if you paint show them your paintings etc, show them what you love doing, never limit your portfolio

Design process - sketch 40 little thumbnails, 30 secs to do each thumbnail which include type logos flare etc, then onto illustrator to produce little colour studies.

Do employers look at education experience rather than quality of work - Ultimately you might have the best diploma in the world but the work speaks for itself - portfolios bark louder than paper, depends on agency.
September 02, 2009

Marshall Rake: Calendar

Nice concept for a calendar, I would prefer this to the traditional one month for every page then having to turn it over everytime. Saves having to hang it on a nail aswell.

Marshall Rake - Calendar

Coffee Cups

Would loved to of come up with something like this, just the endless amount of subjects you could draw about.

Flickr Coffee Cups Set

Similar work at Paul Westcombe on the same concept.

Mark Andrew Webber

Some great carvings/linocuts created for various uses, maps, posters, prints etc. Flickr set has loads of various that he has used for these, nice collection of work.

Flickr linocuts collection