February 22, 2010

Notion of Trust

"A word so loaded with complexities and textures but so simple at the same time."

"We live in a society that treats an unattended bag as a very dangerous item as opposed to an innocuous object someone might have left behind."

80 artists around the world got involved to show their idea of 'Trust', and through their work was the aim to learn more about the theme and inspire viewers to make their own decisions about what 'Trust' means to them.

"..demonstrate the power of images as a communicative device to overcome language barriers and avoid established pre-conceptions."

How have we as a society developed from being open to judging everything so skeptically, what has lead us to this position? what influences are on us to think this way? (heavily governed? technology? tv? surveillance? laws?)

Are we infact just trying to achieve the perfect society, in which case, who has the right to give us such an aim and to know what the perfect society is?


Do it without thinking of critics

"We believe that expression should not be fade by the fear of being criticized by others. To illustrate this maxim, we created some large scale types by using only white cloths, paper and thread on natural landscapes as background."

People that walked around the city of Percé would see the whole series of images. I think the concept behind these pieces is interesting, because it's true, people shouldn't feel restricted to express themselves in fear that other people will criticise their opinion/work, afterall our expression in different ways make us who we are.

www.dansedance.com > Things I Have Learned

Disorder Type

Of course it is obvious that this is a production of a typeface, but if put into a different context entirely there could be a whole new meaning that could be taken from it.

In the context of society, it shows our despondence not to conform with the regulations we are supposed to follow, in a world where everyone is trying to be different and unique, to break these laws of living and stretch them ever further.


Block Stories

40 x 40 cm blocks that have been painted on each side.

The idea behind this is so that people can move the blocks around and re-order them to build their own story, therefore every story is going to be unique considering everyone will interpret every image in their own way in the first place, and then also interpret a entirely different story with them.



I would like to know the inspiration behind this, it's not particularly the pieces that I find the most interesting, it's the concept behind them and the meanings they produce.

The images are halved with an object that relates in some way, but it kind off gives a contradicting message, both objects with very different uses when you think about it yet each halved image can be related with the other half.

talking communication / writing communication
light emitting object / use for time of day
petrol (possible hazard) / extinguisher (safety)


Is there a connection between sound, vibrations and physical reality?

The title used as a question is what I find allows me to make relations to the images, my eyes are drawn to the points in which the lines originate and they always seem to result in meeting at one point.



"Basurama is an organization which aims to study the inherent phenomenon of the massive production of real and virtual rubbish in the today’s consumer society providing new visions which operate as generators of thinking and attitude."

"..researched in the mistakes, horrors, and forgetfulness of the Madrid’s rubbish from the urban, perceptive, graphic, typographical and politic point of view.."

A typeface produced from the signs of shops in the centre of Madrid. The concept is of interest, which is focused on today's consumer society to produce new meanings by reproducing the already established meanings.

February 21, 2010

Wordless Book

''Wordless picture stories have a unique and specially intimate relationship to their reader. In order to follow the narrative, these works ask the viewer to decipher what has taken place, then connect the dots from one image to the next.''
-David A. Berona

A wordless book about a meaningful life.. based on a visual exploration on storytelling of 24 moments of his day over 7 days.

It's interesting to see which subjects he has decided to focus on, where he could of chosen anything, he chose to use abstract images that could mean something different to everyone, but used in this story we can almost see the journey he has gone on.

He has also shown us his own emotions within these, such as the third image where the words "bla bla" are seen, the words are confined within tight spaces, showing tension and an uncomfortable feeling towards this.

February 04, 2010

Mail Me Art

Mail Me Art is a British-based project, run by Darren Di Lieto, where a large collection of artistic work is sent in the form of mail, in some way incorporating the address. Along the way they would pick up scratches, stamp marks and generally that unintentional damage that would add to the artwork.

The deadline has just passed for the current project, but would love to take part in the next one.


via @ rachellewisillustration.blogspot.com