April 29, 2009

Ink Blots 2

(original ink blot)



An example of how completely opposite objects show relations. Tree's, innocent, peaceful, harmless etc. Explosion, loud, dangerous, harmful etc.

Burnt World

Found at Kate MccGwire. Brilliant use of burning paper. Maybe showing where the world is going, the world will eventually be to hot to live on. The 50 layers of paper give it depth, each burn decreases as it gets deeper.
April 23, 2009

Door Hangers

Collection of different door hangers from around the world. Interesting designs all for one purpose, simple yet effective.

hotel door hangers
April 21, 2009


I’ve been wondering around hundreds of blogs for quite sometime, one of the best and most inspirational blogs I’ve come across so far has to be fleuron.com.

A great section of this blog is the Creative Directory, which is a collection of bookmarks and links to various designers. Also the pixel wall is a nice touch, creating opportunities for designers to get recognised.

Appreciate Rain

us design studio designed these posters and T-shirts to persuade people to look at the rain in a different way. They only revealed their message when exposed to rain.
April 15, 2009

Serial Cut

Quite a popular choice of designing style now, some of these are some of the better combination of techniques I've seen. The effects of actually creating and then photographing the elements produces results that look natural.

Serial Cut
April 13, 2009

Ink Blots

(original ink blot)


With these ink blots, I can start to make relations to objects in the world that I would have never thought of combining before.

Taking the pincers of a beetle, horns and face shape of a bull's head, these ink blots start to mean something.

Even if I don't end up using this concept, I don't see why I can't use ink blots to create the unknown. It's a bit like a word association list, but grabbing something completely out of nowhere and developing that image or idea into something you would never of thought of before.
April 12, 2009

Breaking Habits

''We were taught to memorize and take extensive notes. But memorizing takes up mental space and leads to forgetting. Especially as we start to get senior moments, organizing information in a readily accessible manner is much more important than memorizing facts. Memorizing also consumes our precious energy for creativity.''

Interesting reads on the Behance Magazine, where does our creativity come from? how can we develop it? and the more we learn other things do we leave room for creativity?

Full Article - Tip: Breaking Schoolhouse Habits
Full Article - Tip: Pressure Can Push Good Ideas Forward
April 10, 2009

Tree Prints

Came about this while looking through other blogs. Done by a guy called Bryan Nash Gill, ink is rolled out on the tree stump, a piece of paper is placed over, and pressing down it imprints the texture of the wood on the surface of the paper.

Many ways this could be reproduced differently. I like the uniqueness of every print, as every tree would have a different print.
April 07, 2009

Everyday Signs

''no body ever looks at these signs''
-Stefan Sagmeister

''you stare at something, it takes you a while until you actually realise it says something different from what it normally says''
-Stefan Sagmeister

Playing with everyday signs we're used to seeing, people would view these in an unconscious state, so we just presume through it's layout and style that we already know what it means, until it's read over again.

When someone would look up at this, it would be just routine for it to be what we expect, so why not play with people's routines to show the unexpected.

Watch Stefan Sagmeister talk at 07:50
April 05, 2009

Talk: J.J. Abrams - The mystery box

''I find myself drawn to infinite possibility sense of potential, and I realise that mystery is the catalyst for imagination.''
-J.J. Abrams

The writer of Lost, J.J. Abrams traces his passion for the unseen mystery back to its beginnings.

''what's a bigger mystery box than a movie theatre, you go to the theatre, your so excited to see anything, the moment the lights go down is often the best part, and your full of that amazing excitement and anticipation''
-J.J. Abrams

I find this relates back to what I've been researching for my FMP, it's not always the obvious.
April 04, 2009

Printing On Newspaper

A produced piece celebrating 10 years of The Kunsthaus Bregenz, which is an exhibition space for international contemporary art.

Interesting design because of the way it's been printed on newspapers, which gives the piece more depth.

Areas where there is no print brings through the newspaper images and writing. The even borders of newspaper imagery left by the black boxes gives it some form.

Found at AIGA Design Archives
Info about The Kunsthaus Bregenz
April 03, 2009

The Less Popular Side

1920s-50s postcard collection of the less popular side of postcards. The best bit about them I like is the stamped effect, bits of type show up stronger in different areas where the stamp hasn't got an equal cover of ink on it.

Postcard Collection

Interesting blog by the same person at smoothfluid.com.
April 01, 2009

Piece Together For Peace

The idea behind this Graflex Directions project was that all countries in the world should help and cooperate with each other.

As it is customary in Japan to send New Year's greeting cards with an animal sign of the zodiac for the upcoming year printed on them, they chose this as the motif with the hope that the whole world would be blessed with peace.

The use of the countries to create the shape of animals links it well with the concept behind it. In the movie you can see how each country fit's in with the next animal.

View the movie
Graflex Directions