December 20, 2009

Stargate Showreel

It's amazing how the smallest of things on tv nowadays have been changed or added in to make the final piece. I guess it just opens up for no limits.

Found via
December 07, 2009


Nice portfolio of work at The first image seems to trigger some sort of happy emotion, in which the shapes and sizes of some sort of tubes vary giving a range of different directions, the colours maybe give this piece the bright and positive feeling.
November 28, 2009

Signalnoise Broadcast #3

Another interesting talk by James White, great to see the development of his work throughout the last couple of years.

I have found these broadcasts a great opportunity to get to know the designer himself, which is just as important as the work itself, you can really see where his thought processes and inspiration arise from, and the interesting part is that this process is different for everyone.
November 11, 2009

Werkplaats Typografie

Interesting approach for displaying a portfolio of works, making it more interactive to the user, allowing them to move bits around the webpage and viewing the different works.
November 09, 2009

Quarry Workers: onlab

"The order and direction of the sheets within the 6 different issues are placed in varied sequences. Therefore, the documentary portraits of the quarry workers are always positionned differently. It creates diverses picture compositions."

"Photographs of quarry workers, published in 6 different editions, assembled in 6 variable configurations and serially numbered."

Sometimes black is all that is needed.

Quarry Workers on onlab |

Conspiracy Magazine: Livia Foldes

"This large-format magazine attempts to uncover the visual language of paranoia, employing cheap paper, grainy surveillance shots and palpable outrage."

The use of black tone throughout the magazine adds to the overall appeal. Very interesting use of colour on the front cover and intentional enlarging and cropping of photos to reveal only parts throughout.

Conspiracy magazine on liviafoldes |
November 08, 2009

Channel 4 3D Week

Not sure how this will go down, should be pretty interesting at least. Chance to see Derren Brown, movies, The Greatest Ever 3D Moments and others in 3D.

3D facts |
November 04, 2009


More of this monotone stuff, the red being the only colour really brings it out the paper. The positioning of the type looks completely fine even though it is over the image.

Alistair Webb

Love the use of just two colours and overlapping of the type over the colours and images on these.

Simple method of a portfolio site also, just laying out everything in small thumbnails for everything to see and also clicking for a closer look.

Found over at:

Made By Heath Killen

Wide range of experimental collages, relations made between objects that normally would be seperate. Interesting stuff.

October 18, 2009

Tom Deininger - Recycled Art

I love the hand crafted style to these sorts of works.. each bit placed by hand. Videos on his website show some being made.

October 16, 2009

Signalnoise Broadcast #2

''to me I never think of my art as a destination, i never think of it as something that's gonna be finite, because if you think that way and then you achieve that goal your gonna be left with what do I do now''
-James White

Another broadcast from James White at, this time I wanted to ask a few questions and join in for a change rather than just view, this way you can get to hear what ever interests you the most, turned out really well.

(20:47) Where do you believe you gain your most valuable inspiration?
comes from everywhere, start everyday flickr, bookshelf stacked with art and design books, online, design resource, big great world of inspiration

(37:31) Did you start out hoping to produce work one day for magazines such as ComputerArts, or was it more of a personal adventure and see where it takes you?
just starting doing a blog, just started making art and uploading it

"to me I never think of my art as a destination, i never think of it as something that's gonna be finite, because if you think that way and then you achieve that goal your gonna be left with what do I do now, so I always, to this day I still see art as a journey, your gonna do this thing and your gonna learn from it"

something that happens as a snowball effect to art that I created to hang on my wall, it would be nice/amazing, "looking at art as a king of path, as a journey, is kind of the only way to go, as it eliviates all this pressure of the goal of getting published, make art for you, do it because you love doing it, never see anything as a conclusion, try to do things as if I would be doing it forever

(54:14) How have you met some of your fellow designers, such as Joshua Davis & nickalexander?
intimidating at first conference, met Josh Davis in April, talked about what working on and inspirations

(01:11:43) Alot of people say mistakes play a big part in gaining experience, is there any you have learnt from? (if any)
you have to screw up alot to know how things work

"never ever stop, the more hours you put in the more powerful you will become"

never ever stop, never get discouraged by a mistake, "watch what other people do", still learning stuff everyday, never have a one rigid process you go through

Other interesting stuff talked about:
How did you first start to get into design?
Do you give out your source files to your client?
What's the hardest part for you in designing a poster?
Getting contacted to create a Google Chrome theme?
Where did your unique style orginate from?
Is the sketch book more important than a computer?
October 14, 2009


Looking through this series of photos of people's studios, it's amazing how clean and almost blank some places are, I see a studio to be something where a place for inspiration is.

I suppose there would be little distractions in a clean studio, and being surrounded by the same stuff all the time (unless you change it) could possibly become uninspiring after some time.
October 07, 2009

Florian Nicolle

Nice illustrations of big names.. the trailing colours bring it to life along with the emergence of the faces from the background.


Found while looking through

September 27, 2009

Old drawers tag

Found on an old set of drawers, possibly an old auction tag? or a label on the drawers put on there by the creator, no idea what history it has.

Vintage Esquire Covers 1955-1972

I tend to find vintage design much more interesting than some of the modern design around nowadays. Whether it's the colours used or the actual images that are appealing I'm not sure.

Alot more covers from the past and present at

September 25, 2009

Design Chat

After watching James White on the Signalnoise broadcast his website lead me to what seems to be a great source of design related chats at

Worth watching to get into the mind of designers.

James White - Signalnoise Broadcast

''don't ever think you need a client to do something''
-James White

I've always followed James White on and he has just finished a live broadcast on where he has been answering live questions from viewers.

He gives his opinions to many different design related questions from viewers watching the broadcast, most of which is very much related to what I want to gain in experience.

Some interesting points picked up while watching:

Pricing and time, client satisfaction & working with others.

Inspiration - Although he lives in quite a small area and workplace this does not limit his ability find inspiration, power of the internet, loves retro, things that were awesome when he was a kid, in the morning a cup of coffee and flickr, inspiration is everywhere.

Advice to designers who want to break into the industry - consider the type of work, type of clients, don't limit yourself 9-5, normal priorities after education is generally #1 job in design agency #2 freelance, do your own stuff, don't stop, don't ever think you need a client to do something, you be your own boss/specification, grow portfolio + your only going to get better at what you do

You can't count on a client to teach you new things, unique touch doing your own stuff, if you paint show them your paintings etc, show them what you love doing, never limit your portfolio

Design process - sketch 40 little thumbnails, 30 secs to do each thumbnail which include type logos flare etc, then onto illustrator to produce little colour studies.

Do employers look at education experience rather than quality of work - Ultimately you might have the best diploma in the world but the work speaks for itself - portfolios bark louder than paper, depends on agency.
September 02, 2009

Marshall Rake: Calendar

Nice concept for a calendar, I would prefer this to the traditional one month for every page then having to turn it over everytime. Saves having to hang it on a nail aswell.

Marshall Rake - Calendar

Coffee Cups

Would loved to of come up with something like this, just the endless amount of subjects you could draw about.

Flickr Coffee Cups Set

Similar work at Paul Westcombe on the same concept.

Mark Andrew Webber

Some great carvings/linocuts created for various uses, maps, posters, prints etc. Flickr set has loads of various that he has used for these, nice collection of work.

Flickr linocuts collection
August 25, 2009

The Daily Scrapbook

"I make books out of scraps. Does that make them scrapbooks? I suppose they are. At the very least, it's my way of keeping things that come across my desk, making compositions that look interesting. Green is a good color, but orange is even better. Numbers: what graphic designer doesn't like numbers? Is it a pattern that holds everything together, or is it the repetition? All I know is that I find it endlessly interesting to stare at a page and make relationships with color, shape and form."

- Quote from
August 10, 2009


The use of keeping all images the same seems to work well, monotone?, using them in pieces such as booklets etc. seems to keep a nice consistency throughout, rather than the normal multi coloured pictures you would generally get.


Another example of it's use, but using two seperate colours.

July 23, 2009


Designs based around grid systems, interesting range of techniques that could be used.

Link: Flickr - Grids
July 22, 2009


A nice collection of work at, consistent style in a variety of forms.
July 21, 2009


A source of inspiration.
June 23, 2009

2nd Year Exhibition

Middleton Hall, the centre: mk
Thursday 18th June through to Sunday 28th June.
June 07, 2009

Disseration Example

Dissertation based on Apple therefore has been presented the way Apple packages their own products. The actual dissertation itself has been produced like a product manual tucked inside the packaging.

Book Sets

Video GamesVideo Game Classics

SongsSongs on Paper

MoviesThe "I Can Read Movies" Series

Since the first series came out (Video Game Classics), there has been many others following the same concept. Endless possible illustrations available considering the amount of movies/songs/games out there.
May 28, 2009



We humans all benefit greatly from the creations we make, which allow us to progress and succeed in everyday life. Our experiments we perform on the creatures around us, play important roles to help find causes and cures. Yet do we take note of the effects these have, not only on ourselves, but the world around us.

(Pictured: a deformed frog, a symbol of our destruction to nature, not only due to experiments but our general contamination of the earth that we have caused, such as pollution; ink areas, to show the disperse of the contamination; diagrams + equations, representing the experiments we perform; common frog fact, to go with the image and to show what is the normal, or was the normal.)
May 24, 2009



Everything in the world is effectively natural because it all comes from the same place, you can't make anything without the substances to do so, it's just how 'we' humans have used the materials around us to combine wonderful creations, some maybe causing startling consequences.
May 13, 2009

Lost Shepard

Article from a newspaper about Shepard Fairey, who did the Obama poster, "standout image of 2008".
April 29, 2009

Ink Blots 2

(original ink blot)



An example of how completely opposite objects show relations. Tree's, innocent, peaceful, harmless etc. Explosion, loud, dangerous, harmful etc.