April 30, 2010


We encounter many objects of which once had diverse purposes for their existence on a daily basis. Sometimes we are faced with situations placed upon us to decide whether to maintain that history for future generations, or to make use of the opening to build something new. The purpose of this ‘something new’ is to replace what was once there, but it can also be to build upon the heritage that already exists.


Our dependence on services that we have an extremely high reliance on has sometimes been restricted or in some cases rendered completely unattainable. In such events we have to find new ways to find our way round these obstacles, but occasionally there is little alternative and we are left with none or little control over their availability in the future.


With the reality that surveillance is increasingly used amongst the population, we are constantly required to perform under the scrutiny of supervision. Civilians are viewed as suspects and the surveillance is the cause of unnecessary pressure, so yet although helping to keep things in order deprives us of our rightful freedom.


In the fast changing of today’s societies it is easy to displace control from our younger generations. With the continuously growing of information available, it is transforming a once closed culture into a free world of individuals endorsing many to challenge the regards of others, which in turn has the potential to damage the traditional upbringing methods of the past.