February 21, 2010

Wordless Book

''Wordless picture stories have a unique and specially intimate relationship to their reader. In order to follow the narrative, these works ask the viewer to decipher what has taken place, then connect the dots from one image to the next.''
-David A. Berona

A wordless book about a meaningful life.. based on a visual exploration on storytelling of 24 moments of his day over 7 days.

It's interesting to see which subjects he has decided to focus on, where he could of chosen anything, he chose to use abstract images that could mean something different to everyone, but used in this story we can almost see the journey he has gone on.

He has also shown us his own emotions within these, such as the third image where the words "bla bla" are seen, the words are confined within tight spaces, showing tension and an uncomfortable feeling towards this.


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