February 22, 2010

Notion of Trust

"A word so loaded with complexities and textures but so simple at the same time."

"We live in a society that treats an unattended bag as a very dangerous item as opposed to an innocuous object someone might have left behind."

80 artists around the world got involved to show their idea of 'Trust', and through their work was the aim to learn more about the theme and inspire viewers to make their own decisions about what 'Trust' means to them.

"..demonstrate the power of images as a communicative device to overcome language barriers and avoid established pre-conceptions."

How have we as a society developed from being open to judging everything so skeptically, what has lead us to this position? what influences are on us to think this way? (heavily governed? technology? tv? surveillance? laws?)

Are we infact just trying to achieve the perfect society, in which case, who has the right to give us such an aim and to know what the perfect society is?


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